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We are driven by passion, commitment and sheer determination to deliver wonderful and unique products, classes and workshops.

We take great joy in introducing new people to the art of ceramics and helping more experienced potters to learn new skills and techniques.

Most of all we love what we do and we think you will to. 


About Joe

I’ve been practicing ceramics professionally for 2 years now, prior to that It had been a (very) intense hobby.

My work has been featured in a number of business’ promotions in both Victoria and Tasmania.

The fact we take glorified mud and turn it into objects of beauty

Yes, I do a lot of naked Raku and Saggar firing, both are traditional Japanese and Chinese techniques, that give a wholly unique effect on every work.

Classes and Workshops

With the right teacher it’s relatively pain-free. Learning ceramics has been likened to learning a musical instrument, there are so many variables to account for that it can take a while to grasp them. However, this is also what makes it so interesting and fun, there are so many places you can go with it: want a dinner set? Maybe a display piece or sculpture to fill a spot in your house? A nice mug just your size? You can take it anywhere.

For most classes you’ll be using the wheels and the tables and some tools, the other equipment is used in the production work in the studio.

Yes, classes and workshops must be booked in advance, either through email or through the booking page on this site.
This functionality will be available soon.

You can pay via the booking page on this site or by bank transfer.
Once the online booking system is complete, we will only accept online payments.

Unfortunately, not, as your spot could have gone to someone else, however, we can always do a catch up session or have you parachute into another class.

The studio is well equipped to handle almost everything, it has kilns, wheels, a pug mill, glazes and plenty of tools.

Online Shop

Providing it hasn’t been used, damaged and that you pay for shipping/bring it back, sure 🙂

I sure do, although quoting for freight with pottery is notoriously difficult, as I have to wrap the bajeesus out of everything, so bear with me if it takes a little while to get an accurate quote.

I ship via Aus post and Sendle mainly, for larger Items I’ve used De Bruyens transport in the past.

Unfortunately not.

If your stuff is damaged you can choose to get a refund, a credit or I can make you another 🙂

You sure can, via our Esty store.