Learn with Joe

I love sharing my passion and the techniques that I have acquired throughout my potters journey, and considering it began (professionally) only 3 years ago, I still remember all the stumbling blocks where you might get stuck, and how to navigate them!

Learn with Joe

Clay is such a versatile medium, it sounds trite but you’re only limited by your imagination. In these classes we’ll not only teach you the technical side of things, but also how to embrace that lovely moment that comes from focussing on one thing at a time, something that’s harder and harder to come by these days.


We offer a range of classes. Enjoy the benefits of having a small class size and lot of direct input from Joe.  Classes start on the date listed below and go for 6 weeks.

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August 27th-Oct 1st 2023: 6 week wheel course (Sundays, 10am & 1:30pm)

A chance to explore the high’s and lows of throwing on the wheel in a small, fun & supportive group 

If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at that fickle medium that is clay, then this is the class for you! With these small scale wheel throwing lessons, the class size is key, with only six people in each class, meaning you get loads of one on one time, which is crucial, as there’s a lot to remember! The class runs for 6 weeks, with each lesson going for 2.5 hours, and you get all your materials and firings included in the price ($600). So, if you or anyone you know fancies getting their hands into some clay, message me directly via Instagram @josephsilverceramics or via email at josephsilverceramics@gmail.com. All you need to bring is some (warm) clothes to get dirty, a towel and (hear us out) short fingernails: you heard right, clip those bad boys, cause they WILL destroy your work!

WHO IS THIS CLASS FOR? This class is suitable for beginners to intermediates.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: In this course you will learn the basics of throwing on the Potters wheel and aim to produce eight finished works at the end of the six weeks. This includes learning how to wedge, master, cone and centre the clay, along with how to pull a wall and push shape into the piece. You will learn how to finish the work by trimming it, along with proper glazing technique, all while enjoying lots of one on one time with the teacher, owing to the small class size.

WHAT TO BRING: All you need to bring is a towel (and apron if you have one) otherwise some clothes you can afford to get messy.

DOES THE CLASS COVER ALL COSTS? The class includes all your materials and firing, with the aim of producing 8-10 pieces.

Looking for something more advanced?

Learn intermediate to advanced techniques  with Joe at the 1 off workshops.